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New Book "Antonio's Return" Is Out Now!

Let's go for a ride into space. This rising phoenix, who once had a wounded heart, is on a cosmic journey to self discovery, not to mention approaching the significant age of 30. Why is turning 30 significant? It takes Saturn 29.5 years to revolve around the sun, which to me signifies growth, change, and self discovery. As my axis turns, I learn more about myself and get closer to who I am destined to be. Much like anyone, the challenges along the way make people who they are. In this third book, you will experience my growth through these challenges and be shown what 29.5 years can teach someone, with a direct correlation to the nature of our beautiful Solar System.

"The universe has your back" - Antonio Liranzo



"Romance In A Modern World" 

Welcome to my World of Modern Romance. I want to take you on a journey around many kinds of love: self love, marriage, lust and sex, and everything in between. I live in a realm between a romance fantasy land and being a hopeless romantic. What can I say, I find bits of myself in all of them! It became blatantly apparent last year, in 2020. What an insane year! Turns out I have quite a vulnerable heart and I tend to give into these romantic tendencies that have been both a blessing and a curse. This book is intended to show you the two-way struggle of wanting that perfect relationship but also not forgetting to love yourself first and surround yourself with people who share attractive and healthy energy.

I'd like to pass on a message to my readers, to always give and spread more love, don't ever forget who you are and please, just be a good fucking person!

"This goes to all the hopeless romantics out there. If you love to love and aren’t afraid to show vulnerability, this one's for you." - Antonio Liranzo



"Falling Angel: Rising Phoenix" 

Falling Angel : Rising Phoenix is a compilation of poems that guides you through a boys journey of self discovery. Discover the adventure of hitting rock bottom and learning how to pick yourself up and discover your truth.
"This is for anyone that has ever felt lost, I hope these poems help you find your mission in life" - Antonio Liranzo 


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